The project's intention

Project manager and initiator Bozhana Pavlova discusses the project:

„We believe that music connects people by bringing them together. In the ERASMUS+ project “Music Bridges: Guitar Project Graz – Pleven”, Bulgarian and Austrian guitar students and their teachers take advantage of this opportunity to build artistic and personal bridges between the participating cities of Graz and Pleven. The focus is not only on musical progress, but also on getting to know another culture, broadening their own horizons and establishing career-promoting contacts.


Music Bridges means unity

The name of the project “Music Bridges“ reveals what this project is all about. The bridge as a symbol of union and connection wants to bring together people from different countries to give them the opportunity to share their ideas, experiences and creativity.

For the musicians, international presence is one of the most important aspects of their careers. Whether in teaching, participating in various festivals or as concert musicians – the ability to adapt quickly is especially necessary for young music students. This Erasmus+ exchange gives young artists a stage for self-expression, learning opportunities and much more.

By making new friends and establishing contacts with other musicians and institutions, they build a lifelong network that will be of great value for their future as professional musicians.

Masterclasses, seminars, concerts and ensemble projects and cultural trips are organized within the framework of two training weeks. During the eight-day stay, three guitar teachers from Bulgaria and ten of their guitar students will visit the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatory in Graz together with the director. Later we will travel to Bulgaria, also for eight days. During an exchange week the six guitar teachers will give masterclasses and the twenty students will receive lessons.

In addition to the masterclasses and the lectures, we will organize joint ensemble rehearsals in which all students will make music together. The theme of the ensemble project is „Movie Music Bridges Europe“ and includes newly arranged popular film music works for guitar orchestra. At the end of each exchange week, we plan a joint concert where the students perform pieces organised with the teachers and present the ensemble works.

I would like the project to show that there are no borders for music and culture, neither geographical, social nor economic. I hope that this project will bring joy to everyone and that it will remind us that cooperation and dedication in the pedagogical profession can change the future. We will hopefully see the results in several years’ time, when our students will go their own way and we will be looking forward to their successful concerts on the stages of the world.

I would like to take the opportunity to convey my own message to the young participants: „Do not be afraid to dream. The world is big and awaits you with open arms.“ I think we should all learn from each other and exchange the best approaches. That is one of the aims of this Erasmus+ mobility.“